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Chinese herbs took away my dizziness in three days

In the magazine “all year round” which was released September 15, 2011 is an article about a woman named Maria who made use of Chinese herbs to their stress. Maria was always busy and liked it but then one day she started to experience dizziness and tensions in her neck. She did not feel overwhelmed but when she one day tried a dietary supplement based on Chinese herbs and all the symptoms disappeared.

Maria went to the local doctors office and her test results showed that she was healthy. The doctor said that the dizziness was most likely due to stress. That’s what her friends believed too. ”-I’m a person who likes to perform, stay active and don’t like to sit still. That’s why I never felt stressed out and became irritated at everyone who told me my dizziness was due to stress.

One day Marias mother accompanied her to the health food store. I described my dizziness and said I have difficulties to unwind. The personal told me about a new line of dietary supplements developed by Stefan Karlsson, Dipl. In traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

”-One of the supplements in the line was called Relax and was supposed to calm the nervous system and help to restore inner balance when you feel stress. I had never heard about this before but felt curious to try it out.”

Maria became surprised by the fast effect. After only three days by dizziness disappeared and I felt calmer inside, it was like night and day.

”-My partner says I’m much happier since I started to take Relax. I’m not as easily irritated on the children anymore. When it was holiday from school last time, the children where also home and I felt at peace all the time even though it was loud at times.”

She also says that she had had a lot of pain and tension in the neck and shoulders, but that it is much better now.

”-I don’t feel as tensed in my body anymore.”

Men´s Health and the prostate gland

The prostate is a gland located at the top of the urethra, which produces a portion of the secretions contained in the semen. It is about the size of a walnut. Prostate enlargement is common. 50% of men over 50 have difficulty emptying the bladder. Prostatic enlargement is due to the formation of microscopic nodules. The growth tends to stop and is called benign enlargement or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It is completely harmless but should always be examined by a medical doctor (M.D.) to ensure that there is no cancer growth. Cancer should always be treated by modern medicine and by qualified physicians.

When the prostate enlarges, it penetrates the urethra, causing frequent urgings and makes it difficult to urinate. It is thus plain that the man may have trouble to completely empty the bladder or that the urinary flow is impaired (weak urinary stream).

In Chinese medicine, there are herbs that support a man’s health through detox i.e. cleansing. These herbs are focused on supporting the urinary tract and clear out waste products and not intended to treat prostate cancer.

Chinese herbs that supports elimination, and the urinary tract include: Vaccaria segetalis, Semen (Wang Bu Liu Xing), Smilacis glabra, Rhizoma (Tu Fu Ling), Pyrrosia lingua, Folium (Shi Wei), Plantaginis asiatica, Semen (Che Qian Zi), Patrinia scabiosaefolia, Herba (Bai Jian Cao). Chinese herbs that support the flow of urine include: Dioscorea hypoglauca, Rhizoma (Bi Xie), Poria cocos, Sclerotium (Fu Ling) and Alisma orientalis, Rhizoma (Ze Xie).

Most of these herbs are found in Qi elements product Men’s Health.

Joint pain and Chinese herbs

Many people suffer from joint pain and stiffness. Arthritis is an umbrella term for inflammation that affects the joints. A common problem is rheumatoid arthritis that includes four or more joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation of the joints and breaks down the cartilage, the adjacent bones, tendons and arteries. Although other organs may be affected. It is caused by an inflammation of the synovial membrane that covers the wrist which causes inflammation signs: swelling, tenderness, warmth and stiffness.

Traditional Chinese medicine refer this state to ”wind-damp bi” (bi means pain). This syndrome, wind-damp is often combined with cold ie. ”wind-damp-cold bi” syndrome. To explain this, it is said that ”the wind bi” is usually pain that moves, moves from one point to another or from one area to another area. ”Cooling bi” is strong fixed pain that becomes worse in cold weather and better in the summer in the heat. Cooling also creates cramps. ”Moisture bi” has a fixed pain, which creates swelling and tenderness of the skin and muscles. Moisture also creates fatigue and weight feeling.

Chinese herbs used to support more flexibility includes: Angelica pubescentis, Radix (You Huo), Gentiana macrophylla, Radix (Qin Jiao), Mori Alba, Ramulus (Sang Zhi) and Coicis Lachyryma-Jobi, Semen (Yi Yi Ren). In addition, combined also cinnamomi cassia, Ramulus (Gui Zhi) and Zingiberis officinalis, rhizomes (Sheng Jiang) / Raw ginger helps to increase heat and circulation in the body. These herbs are found in Flexibility. Flexibility has been used in Sweden for over five years.

Backache and Chinese herbs

Back pain or back ache are common problems in todays society. They include back pain (lumbago), which is a sudden but transient intense pain and stiffness in the lumbar spine with cramp in the back muscles. The cause is often incorrect lifting or other congestion but can also occur with no known reason. Sciatica – the cause of the pain may originate from one or more nerve roots from the lower back and pelvic bones form the so-called sciatica nerve. Pain that radiates from the spine or the hip down the leg is commonly known as sciatica, but few people know that there are both what we call the true and false sciatica pain. True sciatica caused by herniated disc in the disc between the vertebrae to bulge and press on a nerve root. The pain radiates from the spine or hip, down to the bone and sometimes all the way down to the foot. False Sciatica due to muscular effect on the sciatic nerve where it passes through the back and hip muscles close. Sciatica is usually best treated by chiropractors.

Disc hernia is an injury to one of discs that exists between each vertebra in the spine. The disk acts as a cushion for the spine. A slipped disc occurs when fluid in the disc center decreases and the outer body bulges into the spinal canal. The disc may then press on the nerves which become inflammated and creates pain. Usually a sciatica pain that may radiate all the way to the toes. Herniated Disc investigated and confirmed by MRI. All forms of back pain are best treated by acupuncturists and chiropractors. Although massage can help. In addition, regular exercise that strengthens both abdominal and back muscles.

I myself had true sciatica with disc hernia for approximately two years about 10 years ago and it was just a combination of chiropractic treatment from Dr Luis Leonardi, Chinese herbs and daily exercise that helped the healing which was completed in about three months.

Chinese herbs that support the recovery includes herbs that promote blood circulation to the area, relieves pain and has a tradition to strengthen bones, joints and tendons. These herbs include: Drynaria forunei, Rhizoma (Gu Sui Bu), Dipsaci asperi, Radix (Xu Duan), Boswellia carteri/chinensis, Resina (Ru Xiang), Eucommia ulmoidis, Cortex (Du Zhong), Psorelea corylifolia, Fructus (Bu Gu Zhi), Morinda officinalis, Radix (Ba Ji Tian), Achyranthis bidentata, Radix (Niu Xi), Angelica sinensis, Radix (Dang Gui), Gentiana macrophylla, Radix (Qin Jiao), Cibotii barometz, Rhizoma (Gou Ji), Boswellia carteri/chinensis, Resina (Ru Xiang), Spatholobus suberectus, Caulis (Ji Xue Teng). These herbs can be found in Qi Elements supplements Recover. Recover has been used in Sweden for over five years.

Inner balance naturally

Now you can support inner balance naturally – with the help of Chinese herbs.

The dietary supplements from Qi Elements are based on thousands of years of Chinese tradition, which we adapted for the modern needs. And both men and women use them. Every day.

Are you exercising and need more energy, or are you tired and want to be more alertDo not you feel refreshed in the morning after a nights sleep? Are you a woman and want to feel inner balance during menopause, or want to maintain balance throughout the month even during PMS? Would you like to strengthen your sensual lust and desire? Do you feel stressed and want to relax, or do you cleanse and detox your body? Are you a man who wants to support the prostateBack pain or joint painGetting a cold? Then there is definitely something that suits you in our assortment »